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Uploading videos

To upload a video to Utreon just follow a few easy steps. Follow the instructions posted below to upload a video from your computer or mobile device.

Web App (Computer)

  1. Sign in to your Utreon Account
  2. Click on your Channel Manager (if you have multiple channels select the appropriate channel) and then select Content
  3. In the top left-hand corner, click on the Icon.
  4. In the Video Manager select browse, and then select your video from your computer, and then click Upload.

Note: We have no limits on the number of videos you can upload up at any time. You can edit any information on your video at any time, simply select the desired video and use the video manager to edit your video details.

Step 1:  Basic Details

TitleThe title of your video.
The information will display below the video - we recommend keeping it short.
TagsTags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelt or to address variation spellings and slangs (e.g. "dog" or "dawg"). Otherwise, tags play a minimal role in your video's discovery.
GroupsGroups are useful in providing information for what type of genre your video falls into (e.g. Comedy, Gaming, Vlogs...). Groups play an important role in telling both advertisers and users what type of content they can expect. 
TypeTell us what type of video you are uploading (e.g. Video, Movie, Show). Types will play a vital role in providing you with advanced features to input added descriptions best suited for your type of video. 
LanguageTell us what language is spoken in your video.

Step 2: Using the Rating System

The Content Rating system is used to describe the minimum maturity level of content in videos. Our Content Ratings has some limited impact on what is shown to first-time guest users if your content is deemed as the mature content user will have to toggle mature content on to see your content. 

Our platform has rules and certain types of videos are just not allowed on our platform the rating system will advise you if they are not. If you are unsure whether your video is permitted or not please refer to our rules. 

Ratings are based on a number of factors, including foul language, violence, substance use, and adult.

Rating Field
LanguageTell us if you use foul language and what type and if the content might be offensive.
Fear, Injury and Danger
The type and severity of violence featured in your video.
Sensitivity, Substances, Weapons
Tell us if your video contains any substance use (e.g. alcohol, drugs (legal or otherwise).
AdultTell us if your video contains any nudity or sexual acts.

Step 3: Schedule Your Videos

The visibility feature will allow you to schedule video releases at a particular time and date of your choosing. You can publish immediately or choose to make your video available at a later date.

Note: If you select a future date your video will remain invisible to viewers, if your video is unpublished you can change the date any time prior to the video being posted.

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