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Uploading a new video

Utreon is currently in beta and does not yet support open signup. To create a channel and upload videos, please visit the Channel Manager page and follow the beta application instructions. Once your channel has been created, follow the instructions below to upload a video:

Accessing your channel

  1. Sign in to your Utreon Account.
  2. Click on your Channel Manager.
  3. Click on the appropriate channel to select it. Please note that a Utreon account can have multiple channels.

Uploading a video to your channel

  1. After selecting your channel, click to open the Content tab.
  2. Click on the + icon at the top of the video list.
  3. Click Browse, select the video on your computer and click Upload.
  4. Fill out the needed fields under the Details, Content Rating and Visibility tabs.
  5. Publish the video by clicking Save.

Note: To edit a video, simply select it, edit the desired field(s) and click Save.

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